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Technical deep dives that expand and challenge your knowledge of programming
Human Readable Magazine is a new software development magazine full of technical deep dives for the inquisitive developer.

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Human Readable is a unique initiative to provide in-depth knowledge into programming. It presents high-quality articles about programming, focused on the technical aspects, and accessible to developers not specialised in the programming language of a particular article. Its in-depth articles allow to discover aspects of programming from a variety of authors, cross-pollinating knowledge across our industry. - Jonathan Boccara, Software Engineering Lead.
Author of Fluent C++

From the creator of Morning Cup of Coding

Morning Cup of Coding is a curated programming newsletter with 6,000 subscribers and growing. It arrives in your inbox daily with technical articles that span all fields of software engineering.

We are now taking the next step and producing a magazine in the spirit of our newsletter. The same authors you've enjoyed reading are now creating original content exclusively for Human Readable Magazine.


I look forward to each issue of "The Morning Cup of Coding", because I learn something interesting every day. Sometimes I wished that it'd be even a bit more comprehensive, so I was excited to hear about the Human Readable Magazine.

- Maik Schmidt, Software Developer & Technology Architect.
Author of Enterprise Recipes with Ruby and Rails by The Pragmatic Programmers


Human Readable Magazine is a subscription-based magazine available in all formats: Web, Mobile, e-Book, and Print. It brings you insightful articles on programming topics in a variety of languages and domains. Each article strives to contribute to deep, practical programming knowledge, and thereby the development of better software.

Technical Deep Dives

Each article is well-researched and goes in-depth on a specific subject. This is what we mean by our mantra, “technical deep dives for the inquisitive programmer.” 

Breadth and Depth

Human Readable Magazine is programming language and domain agnostic, covering a wide variety of technologies.


We present carefully curated, in-depth technical articles that you can read at a meditative, unhurried, thought-provoking pace. All the code without the fluff.


We are honored to have the following brilliant and insightful authors contribute original content for our magazine's first issue. They are the pacesetters for the future of Human Readable Magazine, and we thank them for their hard work and dedication to our mission. We are committed to promoting diverse voices in the technology sector.

Jonathan Boccara
Jonathan is a C++ software engineering lead, blogger and writer focusing on how to make code expressive. His blog is Fluent C++.
Rob Landlay
Rob works and writes from Austin, Texas. His main tech interests are Linux systems (Aboriginal Linux) and software (Toybox).
Mark Bowytz
Mark Bowytz is a connoisseur of IT failure and has been writing about this topic for more than ten years in Visual Studio Magazine and The Daily WTF.
Michael Kohl
Michael enjoys writing and speaking about Ruby. He also co-organizes Bangkok.rb and RubyConf Thailand.
Andy Kitchen
Andy is a startup CTO, loves all things AI, Machine Learning and Computer Science. Never wants to stop learning and building things.
Laura Summons
Laura is a multi-disciplinary designer working as a startup consultant and strategist, and the human behind