After Hours


It's all fun and games until someone gets stuck on thirty-five across. Test your knowledge of software development facts and terminology with this challenging crossword puzzle.


5 A common strategy for dynamic programming problems
6 One of the colloquial classifications describing the strength of a language’s type system
7 The kernel trick is used by Support __________ Machines to bridge linearality and non-linearality
9 Keyword in Rust that allows one to access or modify a mutable static variable
10 The C++ equivalent of a Generic
11 Machine learning algorithms designed for the machine to learn by example
16 Homeomorphism, diffeomorphism, and permutation
20 Alan’s automatic machine
21 Complexity class used to classify decision problems, verifiable in polynomial me by a deterministic Turing machine
25 A function definition not bound to an identifier, often referred to as lambda abstractions
27 Function that produces no side effects
28 __________ problem is a decision problem to determine whether a program will go on forever in an infinite loop or will eventually finish
30 A special method to initialize objects
33 Pronunciation of Qt
35 In SFINAE, substitution __________ is discarded rather than being allowed to cause an error
36 Commonly used algorithm for sorting
38 Operations that allow the same request to be made repeatedly with no negative consequences
39 Unable to be changed or modified after creation
40 The standard textual syntax for represen ng pa erns for matching text


1 In programming, __________ Transparency allows a func on call to be replaced by its value without changing the result
2 At the lowest level of a programming language, they are used to achieve dynamic dispatch of virtual methods
3 Type __________ is the ability of a compiler to automatically deduce type information at compile me
4 Conditional statement that displays alternate information if previous conditions are not true
8 Keyword to access the superclass in C#
12 A machine learning algorithm used to predict the relationship between variables
13 A copy of a repository that can be synced to the original
14 The key benefit to row __________ is that information can be propagated globally
15 High-performance dynamic programming language developed at MIT specifically for scientific computing
17 Inventor of lambda calculus
18 Error causing an unexpected result
19 __________ Substitution Principle characterizes the behavior of a subclass as identical to its superclass
22 Programming paradigm whereby a program is instructed on what needs to be done rather than how it needs to be done
23 One of the primitive data types in some programming languages
24 Assigning variables to memory, statically or dynamically
26 Unlike a stateful protocol, does not require the server to retain session information about each communicating partner
29 A notation for Chomsky's context-free grammars, __________ Naur Form
31 __________ collection is a technique for deallocating memory from objects with no reference
32 A proxy for an unknown value which will be supplied at some point in the future
34 Another name for a prefix tree
37 Read-after-__________ consistency allows one to view one’s own changes to data without delay